Reservation Guide


By specifying the holiday residence you want to rent and the dates you will rent, the necessary transportation and invoice information will be obtained from you and your Pre-Reservation process is made. 30% of the total amount to be paid within 1 business day for reservations made at close dates and 3 business days for distant dates are taken to the bank account by bank transfer, the remaining fee is paid in advance for the villa delivery and the villa checks are made and the cash is collected in advance.

Upon receipt of the deposit, a written confirmation (fax, e-mail) is sent to you within 24 hours at the latest, and within the reservation confirmation, the total fee, the deposit received and the dates of the villa is stated on your behalf.

The counting of the fixtures delivered at the delivery of the villa is made, the amount of the deposit specified in the advertisement is taken and the refund is made after the fixture in the villa is made by the tenant on the date of the deposit received.

Villa Entry / Exit

General Villa check-in time is 15_00 (in the afternoon) and check-out time is 10_00 (in the morning). Cleaning is done within this period, weekly rental is 7 nights and 8 days, Villa delivery is made by us.

Check-in and check-out times vary according to the villas, depending on availability, early or late check-out is possible. Our friends will help on the subject.

Pool and garden maintenance

It is done by the staff early every morning and if any malfunction etc. occurs in the villa during your holiday, it will be resolved by us if you indicate it to us.

There are clean spare sheets and pillows in our villas. Cleaning is done before the entrance of the villa. If the customer requests cleaning within the villa from the date of entering the villa, the extra cleaning fee is 60.00 TL-150.00 TL. - We do not charge any fees other than the Weekly (7 nights) Fee stated in our announcements. Our prices include cleaning, electricity, pool and garden maintenance, water, etc. VAT is not included. (Real estate revenues are declared at the end of each year and since they are not operating, the invoice cannot be issued. Therefore, VAT is not included. Our office issues an intermediary invoice for all transactions.)

Pets are not allowed in our villas unless otherwise specified.

Customer Responsibilities

Customers are authorized to use all the furniture and furniture of the holiday home they rented, but they will use all the items, furniture and equipment clean, they will notify our company immediately when they cause any damage. During their stay, they will pay any damage they may cause to the villa, and any damage they may have lost, without leaving the villa. Customers will be understanding towards neighbors around the villa and avoid any behavior and noise that will disturb the environment. In addition, they will not possess any items such as weapons, drugs, etc. that are prohibited by law, they will not accommodate people / fugitives who are wanted by law, in short, the villa will not be used for any illegal activities. The customer is also responsible for possible accidents, damages and other accompanying individuals in the rented house due to his own fault.

The maximum number of people is stated in the descriptions of each holiday home, the number of guests specified during the rental period and approved in the receipt / document should not exceed, the number of people staying in the house includes children and babies. If the maximum number of people who can stay at home is exceeded, a large number of people will want to leave the house or a certain extra fee will be charged.

At the pre-reservation stage of the holiday home, transactions are made in accordance with the customer's declaration. The customer accepts and undertakes that the information provided is accurate and complete. Our company is not responsible for the problems arising from the missing or wrong information given by the customer.

It should be noted that customers are responsible for their own health, safety and etc. during their stay.